Halftime Report: Clemson leads Georgia Tech 21-7 as the Tigers’ offense starts to hit its stride

Dabo Swinney and the Clemson football came into this matchup against Georgia Tech after a big win over Notre Dame, and the Tigers have carried that momentum into this game against the Yellow Jackets

The Tigers lead the Yellow Jackets 21-7, and it has been mostly all Clemson today. If Clemson hadn’t foolishly faked a punt on their own side of the field to set up an easy score for Georgia Tech, this game could have been 21-0.

Clemson’s defense has been solid today, but I can’t say they’ve been great. Like it could be 21-0, it could also be much closer as the Yellow Jackets have dropped an easy touchdown catch and a tougher deep ball that went through the wide receiver’s hands. It’s been good but not great. 

On offense, Clemson’s run game turned things on in the 2nd quarter. Between Phil Mafah and Will Shipley, we’ve seen some excellent running. Shipley, in particular, looks excellent, with eight carries for 66 yards and a 32-yard touchdown run. He added 21 receiving yards in the first half. 

Starting quarterback Cade Klubnik has been great, completing 16-22 passes for 135 yards and two touchdowns. It has easily been his best start to a game this season, as he’s made smart decisions and utilized his feet well.

True Freshman wide receiver Tyler Brown had one of the best touchdown catches you’ll see this season, climbing the ladder for a one-handed touchdown. It was a great first half for the Tigers.

Story originally appeared on Clemson Wire