This haircare line lets you customize your hair based on your hair type

In The Know

If you’ve ever had trouble

finding the right shampoo

for your hair, join the club.

But one brand wants

to remove all the guesswork

from personal beauty.

Based in New York, Prose is a haircare company that allows you to customize shampoo, conditioner and other haircare products based on your hair type.

Here’s how it works:.

Before you can checkout an item, you’ll be

asked to complete a short consultation that dives pretty deep into your hair history and lifestyle.

based on this information, Prose will prepare a “freshly made mix” of hair products and send them to you with tailored instructions on how to use them.

Additionally, you’ll get a list of recommended ingredients that would be most beneficial for your hair concerns.

all of Prose's products are

free of parabens, sulfates,

phthalates, mineral oils and GMOs.

While Prose is a subscription service,

its products are also available

for a one-time purchase as well

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