Take your hair from sleek day to glam night with these simple tools and tricks

Hair guru Dominique Baker spills her secrets on how to transform your hair from a sleek day bun to a glamorous night curly night out.

Video Transcript

- Hey there, and welcome to "In the Know, Teach Me How." I'm Melanie, and we are joined by the fabulous, beautiful, so stunning Dominique Baker. Dominique, we're so excited to have you here. So she's going to talk to us today about how to take our hair from day to night. We're going to be all about glamming it up.

And I think Dominique truly is the perfect person to talk to about this because she is an award-winning fashion blogger, beauty blogger, and content creator, influencer extraordinaire. Dominique, can you tell us a little bit about your blog and how it got started?

DOMINIQUE BAKER: I started it in 2015, and I was literally going out and buying nail polish and just doing little reviews on my blog. And then a Nordstrom opened up in my city, and I went with my girlfriend, and we covered it. And I got home at 11:00 PM after the gala, and I blogged about it, and it went viral.

And I'm like, oh, this is fun. People are actually reading this. And then I started my YouTube, and Instagram, and TikTok, and it just took off. I'm thrilled.

- So we have a couple of different products on the table. And I have used the Dyson Airwrap quite a few times, but I feel like I've got a lot to learn. Because your hair is looking effortless. I need all the details.

DOMINIQUE BAKER: The key to using this thing and getting effortless, voluminous, sexy waves is starting with damp hair. And don't do this pumping action when you're using your Dyson. Bring it close to your head, let it do its thing, and then just let it go.

And the curls last. It looks sexy. And it's really fast and easy to use.

- One of my absolute game changers for taking my hair from day to night is definitely this Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum. I know you put me on to this. And I was like, OK, this is what I'm using forever. But how do you use this without making your hair look greasy or a little too shiny?

DOMINIQUE BAKER: I like this serum because, like, for that very reason, it's not greasy and it's really light. It comes up-- it comes out, like, with a little attitude, so half a pump-- like, a pea-sized amount. And you rub it in good into your hands. And what I do is just a little light application on the surface of your hair.

And see that shine? It's just amazing. It's an OG. I've been using it forever. That's what I do just to get that beautiful, healthy-- it's like it makes your hair glow.

- One of the things that I feel like I'm really learning about in transforming your hair from day to night is really about texture. I feel like you have the best texture tips, so can you share what are your-- some easy ways to add texture from day to night?

DOMINIQUE BAKER: You know, a great point, as you mentioned-- you have your hair in a pony just so that you can work and it's not getting annoying. Take it out, shake out your hair, and then spray some dry shampoo or dry texture spray into the roots. If you work it into the roots, it gives some lift as well. Like, if you like that just sexy, effortless, beachy wave look, it is-- like, dry texture spray is great for that.

- And we actually have a great dry texture spray here. Can you tell us about that product?

DOMINIQUE BAKER: Dry texture spray is a favorite because you can put it-- spray it into your hair, any hair tone, and it doesn't make hair look dry, dusty, or crazy. It's really easy to work with, and it just does exactly what it's supposed to do. It just gives a little texture to your hair, almost roughs up your hair a bit.

- When you are putting heat on your hair, I love that you recommended a heat protectant. That is so important and something that I can sometimes forget about in the heat of the moment.

DOMINIQUE BAKER: If you use heat protectant consistently, you will see such an improvement in the quality of your hair health. The Moroccanoil-- the Perfect Defense heat protectant, I truly feel is one of the best I've ever used.

- Dominique, what would be your number one tip for really taking your hair from day to night?

DOMINIQUE BAKER: I think one of the easiest ways to go from day to night is-- most people I know wear their hair loose and then will put it up for nighttime. And then add a little shine to your hair with, like, a good serum. And then add your accessories, like the cute scarf or little pins, barrettes.

There's also, like, clip-in hair extensions. You can get colored ones. You can get you name it. Just have fun with it. Don't overthink it either.

- Where can people find you, Dominique?

DOMINIQUE BAKER: So they can find my blog. It's styledomination.com. And I'm also on Instagram at @dominique.baker. I'm on TikTok at @dominiquebakerofficial. And if you search Style Domination on YouTube, you will find me there. That channel is dedicated to hair.

- Thank you so much for being here with us today.

DOMINIQUE BAKER: Thank you, Melanie, for having me. You're just delightful.

- Stop it. Thank you all so much for being here with us today. This has been "In the Know, Teach Me How." That's Dominique Baker. I'm Melanie. And we will see you next time. Um, and now I have to go and look up Dominique's YouTube. OK.

I've got an iPad back here. We're ready. All right, Dominique, which video should we start with?