'We had a bit of a ding dong' - Glenn Whelan

Former Stoke City midfielder Glenn Whelan has finally revealed what happened between him and team-mate Abdoulaye Faye at Chelsea in 2010.

The incident at Stamford Bridge was sparked by Faye warming-up in flip flops.

Whelan told BBC Radio Stoke: "We had a bit of a ding-dong, but it was only for the better for the team I thought. It was a little bit of fisticuffs, but we got on great and played with each other after that."

He continued: "The red mist came along before the game and I wasn't too happy with it. I could have picked on smaller people to have a go at than big Abdoulaye.

"He [Abdoulaye] was doing the warm-up in his flip flops, listen that was ok, but Abdoulaye then went out and played and had to come off after five to ten minutes picking up a muscle injury. That's what I got upset about because did he do his warm-up right?"

Whelan explained how the confrontation came about:

"On the way in to Stamford Bridge you go down the steps and then back up, as he's going down the steps he's having a bit of a dance and a sing-song with all the African players that he gets on with and I saw that as a bit of a dig at us, because he's got injured after five minutes not doing his warm-up properly and now he's having a party with a few of his mates on the Chelsea team. Afterwards there was fisticuffs but we were pals then after.

"Abdoulaye tried to throw a slap at me and then big Salif Diao got in the middle of it," added Whelan, 40.

"Listen this isn't the first time things like this happen. I won't be the first ex-player to tell you what goes on. These things happen all the time. Like I said I was doing it for the good of the team and I just felt it was a bit disrespectful from Abdoulaye to be laughing and joking with the Chelsea players that he got on with when he came off injured."

"I could have picked on smaller players but the red mist had gone on my part. It wasn't a case of how big he was I felt it just needed to be said and at the time it didn't matter who it was there were standards that needed to be kept and met and on the day I felt Abdoulaye didn't."

It was a day to forget for Stoke City, who went on to lose the game 7-0. Whelan says he and Faye got on fine afterwards and no grudges were held, however he admitted neither player apologised:

"I didn't say sorry for it and I don't think he said sorry to me either. It wasn't a case of being sorry it was just how I felt and we got on with things afterwards and no, it's football."

Listen to Whelan tell the story here.

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