This hack for cleaning your Keurig coffee maker is a game-changer

This hack for cleaning your Keurig coffee maker is a game-changer. Brandon Pleshek (@cleanthatup) is a TikToker with almost 1 million followers for his clever cleaning tips, tricks and hacks. Recently, he shared a video demonstrating the proper way to clean a Keurig, and it’s a coffee game-changer. He begins by removing the inner cup holder and the tray before soaking them in warm water and vinegar. Pleshek then mixes 80oz of coffee machine cleaner (you can also use vinegar) with cold water in the machine’s reservoir to clean the Keurig. He then runs the cleaning solution through the machine, using a glass to contain the mess. As Pleshek shows in a close-up shot, you can already see bits of coffee residue floating in the glass just after one clean. Once there’s about an inch or two left of cleaning solution in the Keurig’s reservoir, he lets it sit for 30 minutes. He then repeats the process, rinsing the machine again with clean water. Pleshek recommends washing three full tanks through the Keurig for extensive cleaning. Finally, Pleshek removes the parts soaking in vinegar and water before rinsing them with soap and water. Once any trace or scent of vinegar has been removed, he puts them back in the Keurig. “Now you’re ready to brew a fresh, clean cup of coffee,” Pleshek proudly declares, ending with a thumbs up . some viewers appreciated Pleshek’s method of cleaning a Keurig, Others were less than familiar with any method for cleaning a Keurig. Others were less than familiar with Pleshek’s process, or any method for that matter, for cleaning a Keurig. “Oh. You’re supposed to clean those,” said one baffled viewer