Haberstat: Michael Jordan had crazy unbeaten streak vs. a former Celtic

Dave Green
NBC Sports Boston

Sherman Douglas had a solid if unspectacular NBA career over 12 seasons, several of which came in Boston.

The point guard known as "The General" burst onto the scene with the Miami Heat, averaging 16.3 points per game over his first two seasons and making the All-Rookie first team in 1989-90.

But there was one thing Douglas never accomplished in his career - beating Michael Jordan.

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Sure, a lot of players can say the same thing, but none with the longevity or the number of opportunities that Douglas had. The point guard played 30 games against MJ, and lost every single time.

NBC Sports NBA Insider Tom Haberstroh goes into further detail on Douglas' inability to beat Jordan in this week's Haberstat (video below).

A 30-0 clean sweep over a single player is by far the most lopsided matchup for any two players in NBA history. Larry Bird comes in second, with a 19-0 career mark against Major Jones, who played for the Rockets and Pistons from 1979-1985.

LeBron James had been in second place on that list, thanks to a career 28-0 record against Kemba Walker until the Celtics steamrolled the Lakers in January.

"I'm happy I got one at least before he goes," Walker said after Boston's 139-107 victory. "It's only one. 1-28. That's it."

That's still one more win than Douglas was able to get against Michael Jordan.

Haberstat: Michael Jordan had crazy unbeaten streak vs. a former Celtic originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

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