Haason Reddick's discontent lingers for Jets

In lieu of giving defensive end Haason Reddick a new contract, the Eagles traded him to the Jets. And with the Jets not yet giving Reddick a new contract, he has yet to show up for offseason workouts.

As noted by Rich Cimini of, the most clear message could come this week, if Reddick skips the team’s mandatory minicamp and incurs fines for doing so.

The fine, which will be lower than the usual three-day punishment since the Jets have pre-reduced their camp two days, is small in comparison to the $250,000 workout bonus Reddick has already sacrificed by taking a stand. The goal is to get an enhancement over a contract that pays him $14.25 million in its final year.

Reddick has had four straight years of double-digit sacks, with three different teams. He also has never missed a game in his seven-year career.

Wherever he should fit in the grand scheme of sackmasters, he's far too low; the top of the market is $34 million.

Here's the other question, one that has come up several times in recent years when a team trades for a player (e.g., Laremy Tunsil to the Texans, Jamal Adams to the Seahawks, Jalen Ramsey to the Rams). Why didn't the Jets work out a new contract at the time the trade was done?

Once the trade happens, the player has the leverage. Before the trade is done, the message from the team is simple: "You want a new contract. Your current team won't give you one. We will. So let's work something out, or we won't be trading for you."

That's why receiver Brandon Aiyuk is still a member of the 49ers. He's making $14.1 million this year and wants a new contract. If a team trades for him without that new contract, that team steps right into the shoes of the 49ers. No team will do that deal without a new deal for Aiyuk.

But that's exactly what the Jets have done with Reddick. They traded for a disgruntled player who is taking a stand. Even if the Jets fully intend to give him a new deal, the Jets could have gotten better terms than they'll ever get now, if they'd finalized a new deal at the same time they finalized the trade in late March.