Haason Reddick on Eagles: ‘Sometimes hard decisions have to be made'

Haason Reddick on Eagles: ‘Sometimes hard decisions have to be made' originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

The Eagles on Friday shipped two-time Pro Bowler Haason Reddick to the Jets for a 2026 draft pick.

At his introductory press conference in North Jersey, Reddick seemed excited for the next chapter in his career.

“I believe I have a lot left in the tank. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be here,” Reddick said to Jets reporters. “That’s pretty much that. I feel like when I don’t have anymore left to give, I’ll retire. Until that point, I’m going to try to play my best ball.

“As far as the Eagles go, though, it wasn’t about what he has left in the tank or anything like that. It’s a business and sometimes hard decisions have to be made, even if you don’t like them.”

Reddick, 29, spent just two seasons with the Eagles after signing a three-year, $45 million contract to come home to Philly before the 2022 season. He was incredibly productive with 27 sacks, 49 QB hits and 24 tackles for loss in those two seasons.

But Reddick also clearly outplayed his contract and wanted a new deal. The Eagles granted permission for Reddick to seek a trade this offseason. Then the Eagles then signed former Jets’ edge rusher Bryce Huff in free agency and worked out a deal to keep Josh Sweat for 2024.

Once those two deals were finalized, it seems even more likely that Reddick would be on the move.

The return is a 2026 third-round pick that will be a second-rounder if Reddick played at least 67.5% of the Jets’ defensive snaps and picks up 10 sacks. Those are lofty targets but Reddick has done that in each of the last four years — once with the Cardinals, once with the Panthers and twice with the Eagles.

Reddick said he was happy to hear the trade news on Friday.

“It’s a new beginning, a new chapter for me,” Reddick said. “I get to come here, be around some great players, some guys that have made some great names for themselves, especially on the defensive side of the ball. I’m happy. I’m looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to getting out there in front of the fans and just showing what I have to bring as an asset to the team.”

Without Reddick, the Eagles still have talent at the edge rusher position but have one less proven player. Sweat, Huff, Brandon Graham and Nolan Smith will highlight the edge rusher rotation in Philly in 2024.

Right now, Reddick is in New York on the final year of that three-year contract he signed in 2022. He clearly wants an extension, which is why he became available in a trade in the first place. So it would make sense if we see a new deal coming soon.

“Contractual stuff, I’m leaving that up to my agent and (Jets GM) Joe (Douglas) to figure out,” he said. “But whatever happens, I’m going to happy for it, I’m going to give my all, no matter what. That’s just who I am as a person. No matter how it goes, how many years, I’m going to be here for however long I’m here for and I’m going to give the team, the fans, everything that I have.”

On his current deal, Reddick is tied for 19th in the NFL in APY among edge rushers at that $15 million per season average. Huff’s deal with the Eagles came in at just over $17 million per season. The hope for the Eagles is that Huff, who is younger, can ascend during the span of his three-year contract in Philly.

Reddick wasn’t with the Eagles very long but he did have back-to-back seasons with double digit sacks. And his 2022 was pretty incredible. Reddick had 19 1/2 sacks in 20 games (including the playoffs) and outplayed the Defensive Player of the Year in the NFC Championship Game.

On a team that nearly won a Super Bowl, Reddick was an outstanding defensive player. And he’s bringing at least one lesson from that Super Bowl season to the Jets.

“The biggest thing was chemistry and bonding,” Reddick said. “You look at that 2022 season, the one where we went to the Super Bowl that year, we had so many pieces come in but we were dedicated to getting to know one another. We were dedicated to being around each other, we were dedicated to being friends and creating a brother-type bond with each other and that was something that was on display the full year.

“I think that is one of the major things that I can bring here is that brotherly love, bringing people along, helping everybody become a team, a family-type unit. So that way we can all reach our goals and be where we want to be.”

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