Gwen Stefani's surprise endorsement shocks Blake Shelton: 'What the hell is this?'

On the final night of 'The Voice' blind auditions Monday night, a mother-daughter country trio, aptly named "Worth the Wait," became the last four-chair turn of the season, and even caused Gwen Stefani to roast her fiancé Blake Shelton.

"When it comes to Blake Shelton, obviously being a country king, it's true that he has been on the show for 19 seasons. He is so burnt out. Not only, like, on the show," Stefani pointed out, while Shelton responded, "Oh, a shot has been fired!"

While Team Blake always tends to be the obvious choice for country singers, Stefani, who recently became a first-time CMT Music Award winner for her recent collaboration with Shelton, asked the trio, "Did you see that I was on the country chart? Did you see that? I just wondered if you saw that. Did you see that I was on it twice, number one? Just wondered if you saw that." And in case that wasn't enough to sway the group, Stefani revealed that she was *just a girl* with a little country trick up her sleeve, when she pulled out a surprise video from country star Trace Adkins. Blake hilariously yelled, "What the hell is this?"

"So, clearly, you're torn," said Adkins. "I believe that every person is allotted a certain amount of good luck in his or her life, and Blake, as is evidenced by his girlfriend, has used his up, completely."

Unfortunately for Stefani, while it was a good attempt on her part, in the end, "Worth the Wait" played it safe and chose Team Blake.