Guy loses out on winning $2.5 million golf bet in gut-wrenching fashion

Shannon Scovel
Guy loses $2.5 million golf bet in gut-wrenching fashion
Guy loses $2.5 million golf bet in gut-wrenching fashion

On April 2, London golf pro named Jordan Baker published his picks for the 2017 four golf majors, making risky choices for the 2017 schedule but choices that he expected to pay off in a big way.

He put two pounds on Sergio Garcia, Rickie Fowler, Brooks Koepka and Justin Thomas to win the U.S. Masters, the Open Championship, the US Open and the PGA Championship. Had all four of his choices been correct, he would have walked away with $2.5 million.

Baker appeared to be on the path towards riches when Garcia captured the Masters title and Koepka won the U.S. Open. After Garcia’s win, Baker started taunting his friends on Twitter. “Told y’all,” he wrote. “Scared yet?”

After Koepka ’s win, Baker’s excitement soared.

Then Jordan Spieth ran away with the British Open, Fowler finished 22nd, ruining Baker’s chances of winning.

But Baker still couldn’t help himself from following the golf championships.

When Thomas made his way up the leaderboard at the PGA Championship, Baker started losing his mind.

And when Thomas won …

The situation left Baker frustrated and bitter, but at least he shared his emotions with the Twittersphere and gave people something to laugh at.

And Monday, Baker took to Twitter one more time to beg for some sort of consolation prize …

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