Guy Fieri's 300 HP shopping cart is the only way to get groceries

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Jay Leno's Garage visited the mayor of "Flavortown," Guy Fieri. Thanks to the success of his many restaurants, along with 28 seasons of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, the celebrity chef has been able to amass quite the car collection. Which includes a gigantic shopping cart with a small block Chevy 350 engine crammed in it.

The vehicle is a 2012 Shopper Chopper, which Fieri has affectionately named "The Express Lane." It produces 300 horsepower, hopefully to the crank and not one of those annoying wobbly wheels that shopping carts are known for.

Leno and Fieri drove around chef's farm, paying particular attention to the low hanging branches. Fieri claims he can own a store on "dollar days" because the cart has a capacity of 146 shopping bags. Of course, he did not mention what it feels like to if you get hit in the back of the ankles by one of these bad boys.

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