Guy Dupuy of Team Flight Brothers dunks over a car, through the legs (Video)

On the NBA's All-Star Weekend in February 2011, Los Angeles Clippers athletic dynamo Blake Griffin won the Sprite Slam Dunk (and possibly earned a nice endorsement contract) by taking a pass from teammate Baron Davis and dunking over a Kia. However, various observers quibbled with his perfect score for various reasons: many NBA players can dunk over the hood of a car, the dunk itself wasn't that impressive, and the entire operation seemed to exist to promote one of the league's corporate sponsors.

Those naysayers now have another dunk to point to in service of their argument. In a new video from the dunk artists at Team Flight Brothers, the legendary Guy Dupuy takes the ball from his teammate, jumps over the top of the car, and goes through his legs. It tops Griffin's dunk in virtually every conceivable way.

The difference, of course, is that Dupuy did his dunk in private and for YouTube, not for a massive international audience at one of the NBA's biggest events. Yet that's only a big deal if you consider the context of an impressive feat to be more important than the thing itself. Dupuy won't ever get as much attention as Griffin did, but at least he knows he had the better dunk.

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