Guess The Humongous Amount A Canada Goose Can Poop In A Day


For a Canada goose, one good turd deserves another.

Anadult bird can poop around 2 pounds a day, according to The Detroit Free Press.

We’re impressed ― and disgusted.

The newspaper relayed this intriguing bit of information in a larger story about how the geese are creating a hazard in Michigan. But their crap-acity stood out. A 160-pound human, for instance, reportedlyproduces about a poundof excrement daily. An adultCanada goose weighsgenerally between 6.6 and 19.8 pounds, National Geographic notes, yet can dump twice as much.

NatGeo also mentions the species’ formidable fecal fallout, estimating that 50 geese can defecate about 2.5 tons a year. According to theInternet Center for Wildlife Damage Management, they go every 20 minutes.

The bird’s numbers were in serious decline before preservation efforts revived the population, the center said.

Now their green droppings have ruined Riverside Park in Grand Rapids, resident Brian Borbot complained to the Free Press.

“There are soccer fields and Little League fields down here that they feed on,” he said. “Kids and adults play on these fields, and everywhere you look, it’s flattened-out green piles. It’s not good for the ponds there, and it’s not good for the people.”

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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