Gronk’s quarantine period of tigers, wrestling and juggling

Rob Gronkowski and his girlfriend Camille Kostek welcome Yahoo! Sports’ Liz Loza into their home to show her everything they’re doing in quarantine to keep busy.

Video Transcript

LIZ LOZA: I'm joined this quarantine morning. I don't know how long you guys have been in quarantine. It's been long enough that I don't remember the day. But I am joined by Rob Gronkowski and Camille Kostek. Guys, how are you this Blursday?

ROB GRONKOWSKI: Yeah, it's going good, you know-- finding things to do, finding new things to do, doing old things that are fun, and basically just trying to find joy in every single day that we're just chilling in the house, you know? You've got to stay active. You got to stay busy. If we we're just chilling on the couch, it gets a little tough. But we find new things to do all the time. For example, I'm the juggler master now.

LIZ LOZA: I saw that on Instagram. I was going to ask you guys, what have you guys learned about each other since being in quarantine? And what new skills have you picked up? I mean, Camille, I know that you're never not dancing.



LIZ LOZA: And you guys are rocking the TikTok. But in addition to juggling, have you taught him any specific moves, like a salsa move? Or is it all just a lot of, like, Gronk-trademarked hip thrusts?

CAMILLE KOSTEK: Well, ever since we started dating, I've noticed that, you know, there's the classic rhythm and beat when you hear a song. And then there's, like, the Gronkowski version. He hears a different beat. So we've really been working on finding the true rhythm of a song.

So you know, with TikTok, it's really fun, because you know, not only is it choreography, but it's a brain game, you know? It's movement. We're getting active. We're repeating it over and over again. We're noticing that we're sweating. We can call it a workout now. And then it's challenging your brain to really pick up new moves, do them together, end on the real beat. So it's been cool. He's way better.

LIZ LOZA: You definitely brought it as the White Tiger on "The Masked Singer." That was incredible. So have you been binging "Tiger King" on Netflix? And if not, what have you been binging?

ROB GRONKOWSKI: You know, we have not seen "Tiger King." We've heard a lot about it. And especially the White Tiger-- you know, he likes to [INAUDIBLE] friends. So as White Tiger, he-- you know, he's a little sad that he hasn't seen "Tiger King" yet. There's a lot of quarantine left to go and see "Tiger King." But-- hold on. As White Tiger-- Camille, what have you been binging? Hold on. As a White Tiger-- hold on one second.


CAMILLE KOSTEK: You never know what you're going to get with Rob, except I actually know what he's going to do right now. But I just-- we haven't really been watching much TV or movies at all. We're not one of those people that, like, run out of shows. Last night, we were watching a marathon of "Modern Family." So here's the White Tiger.


LIZ LOZA: Look at this.

ROB GRONKOWSKI: The White Tiger loves the juggle balls. What did I do with the tennis balls?

CAMILLE KOSTEK: I don't know.

ROB GRONKOWSKI: Hold on. One second.

LIZ LOZA: Are we going to get a juggling display demonstration here?

ROB GRONKOWSKI: Yeah, right here-- are you ready?

LIZ LOZA: Wow, yes.


LIZ LOZA: I mean, y'all, this is content. Look at this #content.

ROB GRONKOWSKI: [INAUDIBLE] while sitting now.


ROB GRONKOWSKI: Woo, the White Tiger-- [ROARS]. I won't stop-- left, right, and oopsie. All right.


LIZ LOZA: All right, Rob, one more challenge-- you got to do the White Tiger while juggling and suplexing someone because you have been the busiest person during quarantine.

ROB GRONKOWSKI: Hold on one second again.


CAMILLE KOSTEK: I don't know.

LIZ LOZA: Camille, no wonder you haven't watched TV. He won't sit down long enough for you to--


LIZ LOZA: --digest anything.


LIZ LOZA: That's nice.

ROB GRONKOWSKI: --Champion right here, ladies and gentlemen. Check it out-- White Tiger the juggler and WWE 24/7 Champion.

LIZ LOZA: Amazing. You guys are great partners, and you're also partnering with the Arthritis Foundation through CBDMEDIC, which, Rob, you are a part owner in. Can you talk to me about that collaboration?

ROB GRONKOWSKI: Yes, not a problem. So CBDMEDIC has teamed up with several celebrities to participate in the Survive & Thrive: COVID-19 LIVE Celebrity Challenge event. This is a live online fundraiser event for the Arthritis Foundation to benefit their at-risk elderly patients who have been greatly impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. And it's such a perfect partnership because CBDMEDIC has excellent products to help ease arthritis pain.

So we're excited for this event, and there's going to be, like, dance challenges, partnership challenges, relationship challenges, workout challenges. So it's not just an event to help raise money. But also, at the same time, it's events that we like to cope with-- like, you know, dancing, playing around. So it's going to be fun. One more thing before we sign off. We got a little TikTok dance for you. Are you ready?

LIZ LOZA: Yeah, yeah, hit it.



LIPPS INC.: (SINGING) Won't you take me to Funkytown?

LIZ LOZA: We'll go out on that. That is awesome. Thank you guys so much for brightening my day.