Grocery store security camera captures Mom accidentally kidnapping toddler

A mom was mortified when she nearly kidnapped another woman's baby in a grocery store. Posted by the TikTok channel @brotherhq, and credited to the Twitter user @HolyCow_Inc, the shocking footage quickly went viral with over 18.6M views. In the video, we see an unknown mom, wearing blue, standing in a checkout aisle, her presumed toddler in her arms. The confusion begins when another mom, wearing pink, approaches her and takes the toddler from her arms. While the surveillance footage has no audio, it's safe to assume the mom in pink said something like, "This is my baby”. Suddenly, despite the mom in blue wearing a mask, we can see the look of shock on her face. But the mother in pink, smiling, leads the shocked woman down an aisle — where she points to a toddler standing alone. Immediately, the mother in blue scoops up the child and rushes off — undoubtedly embarrassed by the mix-up. TikTokers were quick to jump into the comments to share their reaction. “Omgaaaawd. This is so scary," one user wrote. "I am laughing so hard right now," commented another user. "She knew [what] she was doing, trying to exchange her kid on the low," joked another user