Grizzlies Valentine’s Day cards are the key to love

Tuesday is Valentine's Day, a time when lovebirds young and old get extra romantic to prove their devotion, and single people eat entire tubs of ice cream because sometimes it's all right to self-medicate with saturated fat. For the former group, it's important to get in the mood for love, which in America means giving gifts with passionate, sincere notes. Make a misstep in that epistle, and you're likely to disappoint your love.

Luckily, the Memphis Grizzlies are here to help. Like Michael Jordan before them, these basketball stars have decided to aid their fans in the quest for companionship. As these photos show, the Grizzlies have created special Valentine's Day cards featuring some of their most popular players pitching woo by proxy. It's a special giveaway at Friday's home game against the Indiana Pacers. (Thanks to Chris Vernon for bringing them to the Internet's attention.) They're funny, lovely, and generally befitting a team that seems down to earth enough that they'd actually help their fans pick up women.

O.J. Mayo's card is my favorite, both for the turtleneck-and-chain getup and the acknowledgment that he takes too many fadeaway jumpers. After the jump, check out the rest of the bunch. Don't stare into their eyes for too long, or else you'll be captivated forever.

What would a Valentine's date with Tony Allen be like? Would it end with a leisurely stroll through a graveyard?

Marc Gasol is bound to get more date requests now that he's an All-Star. You should have struck earlier, ladies!

Someone tell Mike Conley the Grizzlies can't afford for him to foul out. As much as I love Jeremy Pargo, there's not much depth there. Sometimes desire must bow to practicality.

Did Rudy Gay just reveal Blake Griffin to be the most romantic player in the NBA?

Presumably Zach Randolph declined to be included in the series because he thinks Valentine's Day has become way too secular. He was a saint, people!

(via TBJ and Larry Brown Sports)

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