Grizzlies fan touches Marc Gasol’s butt because, well, he can (VIDEO)

After blowing a 27-point lead at home to the Los Angeles Clippers in Sunday night's stunning Game 1 loss, the Memphis Grizzlies had to face some restless natives. Point guard Mike Conley told the Memphis Commercial Appeal that he heard about the loss "everywhere ... Restaurants, the gas station, the dry cleaner." It must have been a tough few days; few things are worse than feeling like your support system's lost faith in you.

The fans at the Grindhouse do have these Grizzlies' backs, though, as we learned during Memphis' series-leveling 105-98 win on Wednesday night. And sometimes, as center Marc Gasol learned after hitting the deck to save a loose ball on the sideline in the first quarter, they have a funny way of showing it.

Man, it must be great to have front-row seats. You're such a part of the action that you can literally reach out and put two fingers in the center area of a player's hindparts, and apparently suffer no repercussions for that behavior (because it isn't a violation) if you really wanted to. And who wouldn't want to? I can't think of a single good reason that you wouldn't want to place two fingers on the lower-middle region of the back of Marc Gasol's shorts. What would be wrong, weird or uncomfortable about that, for either party? Nothing, that's what.

I'm glad this peace-loving front-row fan's decided to space his fingers out. A fingers-together jab could have led to a "Malice in Memphis"-type situation, and that'd be a bad look for everyone involved. (I'm sure Gasol appreciated it, too, although not as much as he would have appreciated no touching at all.)

After the final buzzer sounded and the Grizzlies had tied the series at one game apiece, Memphis' game operations staff pumped the DJ Khaled posse cut "All I Do is Win" through the FedEx Forum's speakers, as has become the team's custom over the past two seasons. On Wednesday night, though, there was a more appropriate selection to be played; we should have heard from the King of R&B.

The best-of-seven first-round series now heads to Los Angeles for Game 3 on Saturday afternoon. Your move, Billy Crystal.

Is the clip above not working for you? Feel free to check out the ... um ... tap elsewhere, thanks to GandLSports.