Gritty ranking KBO mascots is hilarious and surprisingly accurate

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The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) kicked off their season on May 5 after having a seven-week delay due to the coronavirus. Many fans who follow Major League Baseball have been staying up to the wee hours of the night, to get a fix of the sport they're missing. 

But what's a league to enjoy without having a team to root for, right? Well, Katie Nolan from ESPN thought of the most logical way to make the difficult decision - by rating their crazy mascots. She didn't want to make such a hard choice by herself though and invited the one - uh, thing - that holds all the mascot knowledge in the world. 

The one and only, Gritty. 

Now, Gritty ranking other mascots is simply a hysterical concept and something we hope to see more of in the future, but for those of you who haven't seen the KBO mascots … well, they're certainly something. (And that something is a very interesting marketing tool.) 

With a marker and posters in hand and a cheesesteak background (that eventually shifted to Mt. Gritmore), Philadelphia's own was ready to dive in. 

And here they are, the official KBO mascot rankings from worst to best by Gritty - the only opinion that truly matters. 

(OGR stands for official Gritty rating) 

Team: SK Wyverns
Mascot: Athena and an owl … and a Wyvern (which is apparently a dragon?)
OGR: 2/10 


Team: LG Twins
Mascot: Jamsil Seou, robot twins 
OGR: 3/10


Team: Doosan Seoul Bears 
Mascot: Chuel Oong (which translates to Steel Bear) 
OGR: 4/10

Chuel Oong.jpg

Team: Lotte Giants
Mascot: Two seagulls that are not giants and trying very hard to be Disney characters 
OGR: 4.5/10

Lotte Giants.jpg

Team: Hanwha Eagles 
Mascot: Eagles (go birds, am I right?) 
OGR: 5/10  

Hanwha Eaglesjpeg

This ranking was for the parent Eagles and we never received Gritty's rating for Soori, their child. I'll fill in the blank for that one with 8/10.

eagles. jpg

Just look at it - adorable. 

Team: KIA Tigers
Mascot: Emotional tigers 
OGR: 7.32/10 - 3.2/10 when sad 

samsung lions.jpg

Team: Samsung Lions
Mascot: Lion league (unofficial name, but has a ring to it) 
OGR: 6/10

Kiwoom Heroes.jpeg

Team: Kiwoom Heroes
Mascot: Teokdori - Guardian robot with two hero creatures
OGR: 7/10

KT Wizjpeg

Team: KT Wiz
Mascot: Vic and Ddory 
OGR: Two smiley faces that apparently equal 9/10


Team: NC Dinos 
Mascot: you guess it - dinosaurs 
OGR: 10/10 "PERFECT"

Yeah, we can definitely see Gritty being friends with these dinosaurs. Hopefully his bodyguards wouldn't get jealous of the new bond between them. 

To watch the official ranking video and all of the chaos in between, watch below: 

(All images are credited to Twitter/ 

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Gritty ranking KBO mascots is hilarious and surprisingly accurate originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

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