Grilled chicken and water: How Jake Paul is preparing in Miami for his upcoming fight

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Madeleine Marr
·1 min read
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Jake Paul: He ready (almost).

The YouTube star, who has recently taken up residence in the Miami area, is getting fit as all get out.

Why? The Internet sensation turned boxer on the rise has a very big mixed martial arts fight coming up with onetime UFC star Ben Askren April 17.

Page Six reports Paul was really good while out to lunch at The Gramercy in Coral Gables on Sunday.

Jake Paul keeps the maskless party going in Miami, despite the spike in COVID cases

An insider told the outlet that the 24-year-old “kept his meal clean and light.”

Paul’s not so tall order: grilled chicken with a side of water.

The Gramercy is currently occupying the space vacated by Tarpon Bend. On a cheat day, Paul may want to try the Gram Burger, nine ounces of Waygu beef, blue cheese, caramelized onions and frissee on a potato bun.


As for the fight, the venue is yet to be determined, but it will be broadcast on Triller. That’s the same app that broadcast the Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones exhibition fight in L.A. last December, when Lil Wayne was a no-show.

Paul told USA Today that he is going in confident.

“I don’t hate the guy, but he’s going to get his ass kicked, and he looks like a middle-aged Dutch woman,” he said of Askren, 36. “His striking ability sucks. He punches like a fourth grader. He can be as prepared as he wants and as mentally ready as he wants, but the outcome will still remain the same.”