Gregg Popovich won't answer reporter's question after Game 5 win

Gregg Popovich won't answer reporter's question after Game 5 win

San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich is famous for his cantankerous interactions with the media, regularly mocking them and stonewalling questions. It's happened often enough that everyone involved treats the interviews like comedy bits. It's almost expected, and when Pop doesn't throw out a few jokes it's a disappointment. Almost like how you wouldn't want to attend a Don Rickles show to hear him do a bit about his experiences with airline food.

A top-level Popovich-media interaction should be savored. Thankfully, after San Antonio's Western Conference Finals Game 5 blowout of the Oklahoma City Thunder, we got perhaps the best one in many months, if not years. It started when our reporter asked Pop about this series' results oddly involving five blowouts, turned into an extended mockery session, and wound its way to a surprising ending. Watch below and check out a transcript after the video:


Reporter: Five games, five blowouts. To us who don't really know the game, how do you explain that?

Popovich: [pause] You're serious. You really think I can explain that. ... Heh ...

Reporter: In simplest terms. [all laugh] I know you can. The question is "will you?"

Popovich: [shakes head] Good lord. And they pay you, don't they?

Reporter: Very little.

Popovich: [guffaw] Thus the question!

Reporter: That's why I'm not up there!

We can give credit to Popovich for this terrific exchange, but to me the real star of the show is the reporter. He could very easily have wilted under Pop's pressure, but he stands up for his question and fights back with his own humor. It's pretty much the perfect way to handle the situation. He even got Pop to laugh along with him!

To his credit, Popovich didn't stop at this back-and-forth. He had another strong response to the concept of playing on the road:

Are either of these jokes better than the remark about Serge Ibaka's not-so-out-for-the-season injury status after Game 3? Sound off in the comments.

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