Gregg Popovich on why NBA folks should give back: ‘Because we’re rich as hell’

San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich has not held back in speaking his mind recently. He’s given some of the best quotes of the past 24 months, and that’s been a good thing.

The NBA is one of the most socially-conscious leagues in the United States, and during trying times it seems reasonable that some leaders in athletics would make their voices known.

Popovich has received some backlash for his comments, with fans asking him to “stick to sports” despite the fact that he is more than qualified to speak on political and global issues. Popovich served five years of active duty in the Air Force and was involved in intelligence gathering during the Cold War.

Setting all that aside, Popovich was speaking to reporters on Tuesday before the Spurs took on the Brooklyn Nets when he started talking about why it was important to give back to the community, through charity or otherwise. His response was very Pop-like, and forceful.

Via Twitter:

The conversation about the governmental role in aiding private citizens seems destined to crumble within the context of this short blog post, but for those that believe Popovich is in the right it’s probably heartening to see that his vigor hasn’t faded.

Popovich’s vigilance in being a voice coming from the NBA is definitely one of the more interesting stories we’ve seen develop in strength. No doubt he will continue to make himself heard.