Gregg Popovich says Boris Diaw has never been in shape

Ball Don't Lie

On Friday, Yahoo!'s own Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Boris Diaw, late of the Charlotte Bobcats, had signed a deal with the San Antonio Spurs for the remainder of the season. The Spurs are in need of frontcourt depth, but it was still a curious move, because Diaw has been the NBA's clear Lockout Weight Gain MVP this year. The versatile, effective player we remember from his days with the Phoenix Suns is no more; the guy we saw with the Charlotte Bobcats over the past few months looked incapable of helping a contender in any serious way.

Nevertheless, the Spurs still think he can improve their team. That's because, according to Gregg Popovich, Diaw has never been in especially good shape. Here's the tweet from Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic:

Well, at least Popovich said nice things about Diaw's basketball IQ. We wouldn't want everything to be negative.

Popovich is correct that Diaw has never been the fittest player in the NBA, but there's a difference between having a little excess fat and looking like the "Before" photo in a P90X infomercial. Positivity is nice, and there's no reason that Pop would criticize his newest player before he plays any games. Next thing we know, everyone will just say Diaw is big-boned.

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