Greg Olsen: Bills’ playoff record is not on Josh Allen (video)

FOX Sports analyst Greg Olsen is among the NFL community that cannot understand the backlash toward Bills quarterback Josh Allen.

Yes, the Bills lost 27-24 to the Chiefs in the postseason. But Olsen firmly believes Allen is not the issue.

In fact, he went on to adamantly criticize the anti-Allen commentators.

“I don’t care what Josh Allen’s playoff record is. If you have a brain and you watched that game the other night and you come across from that game, ‘Oh man, Josh Allen can’t get over the hump, Josh Allen is owned by–You should not speak on the matter,” Olsen said. “That record is not indicative of Josh Allen.”

Olsen’s full reaction can be found in the Pat McAfee Show clip below:

Story originally appeared on Bills Wire