Greg McElroy shares biggest takeaway from Texas’ 34-24 win over ‘Bama

The Texas Longhorns accomplished several things in Saturday’s 10-point road win over Alabama. One thing appears most evident: This isn’t the same old Texas. And if you’re not convinced by Saturday’s win, you’re beyond our help.

Greg McElroy discussed the mental fortitude Texas displayed after losing a 10-point lead by the fourth quarter. He said the following about the Longhorns’ response.

“Think about what transpired in this game this past weekend. They’re up 13-3. ‘Bama then scores 13 consecutive points. And it felt like a turning point, like, oh, here we go again. That lasted for about five minutes.”

The fourth-quarter Longhorns against Alabama were much better than the team that suited up last season. Somehow, after trailing 16-13 after three quarters, Texas won the fourth quarter 21-8 in arguably college football’s toughest road environment. McElroy discussed how quickly Texas took back the lead.

Quinn Ewers hits JT Sanders. Then, he hits AD Mitchell. And then, you get the Jerrin Thompson interception. Johnathon Brooks, of course, scores. And within the span of about five snaps you go from down three to up 11.”

That it took five snaps to go from down 16-13 to taking a 27-16 lead is an indicator that these Longhorns are for real. Count McElroy among Texas believers.

The Longhorns look to continue their fourth quarter success against Wyoming, Baylor and beyond.

Story originally appeared on Longhorns Wire