Greg McElroy rips Matt Elam and then doubles down

Justin Rowland, Publisher
Cats Illustrated

The SEC Network's Greg McElroy absolutely lit into Kentucky defensive lineman Matt Elam on Tuesday.

Elam hasn't lived up to the lofty expectations that some set out for him in Lexington, and McElroy used his platform to blast the senior.

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Elam has one more opportunity to make a name for himself on the field at Kentucky after being displaced as the starter at the nose by JUCO transfer Naquez Pringle.

Maybe he'll use McElroy's comments as motivation.

On the SEC Network's broadcast yesterday McElroy laid into Elam, and then he had plenty to say to Steve Moss of WKYT after the day's events.

He said Kentucky's defensive line has some potential, but he laid a lot of their struggles at the feet of Elam.

"I mean I look at Kentucky's defensive line and I think there are some bright spots, but I think they're a group that, relative to how good they can be, and it really was surrounded around Matt Elam," McElroy told Moss.

But he didn't stop there. No, McElroy doubled down and that's putting it mildly.

"And I look at him and I look at his size and his strength, and I look at how disappointing he's been in his first few seasons, it's hard for me to overlook a guy with that much potential. It's hard for me to see how lazy he is from time to time and the fact that he takes plays off on multiple occasions. It's hard just to see the potential that he has and the fact that he's not maximizing it. It's frustrating. But I do think that there's still time. And I hope that he hears it and I hope that he responds to it. Because he's capable of more. And I think he can play this game for a long time if in fact the light goes on and for some reason he figures out how to play hard every single snap and if he needs a blow then they'll get him out of there."


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