Greg Jennings unsure Mac Jones can overcome what Tom Brady overcame

Mac Jones has the weight of the world on his shoulders the same way Tom Brady did when he was the quarterback for the New England Patriots.

Little has changed in New England since Brady left the team he won six Super Bowls with for warmth, sunshine and better offensive players in Tampa Bay.

The offensive line hasn’t been consistent for the Patriots, and the receiving corps is underwhelming. However, Brady found ways to make it work because he was the greatest quarterback to ever play the position. Is it really fair to expect the same of Jones, a 23-year-old quarterback playing in his second season?

Former NFL wideout and FOX Sports analyst Greg Jennings doesn’t think so.

“You look at the Patriots and you look at their quarterback situation, even dating back to Tom Brady,” Jennings said, during an appearance on First Things First. “What have we always said? Will they give him some help? Tom Brady was asking for more help. And the help that you bring in is DeVante Parker, who’s played a handful of games where he’s been healthy.

“So I just don’t know if Mac Jones can be that great to overcome as much as what Tom Brady had to overcome with the lack of skill guys and the lack of protection that is happening right now up front.”

If the offensive line can tighten things up, it would go a long way in Jones making it work.

The Patriots still have arguably the most dynamic running backs room in the league, and while there isn’t an elite receiver on the roster, the group certainly has more promise this season with guys like Parker and speedy rookie Tyquan Thornton.

There’s still time for Jones and the Patriots to figure it out.


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Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire