Greg Dulli doesn't like Donald Sterling. Or Baron Davis

No one much likes Clippers owner Donald Sterling. That was the first line of Eric Freeman's post on the miserable Clipper owner from Friday morning, and I almost feel as if every column and blog post regarding Donald Sterling, from here on out, should include this line as its opener. It would make it easier for David Stern to research, when he finally bothers to act like a proper commissioner and kick this piece of garbage to the curb.

Greg Dulli, former lead singer of the Afghan Whigs and current Twilight Singers head man, doesn't much care for the Clippers owner, or Baron Davis(notes), either.

From SPIN (via Pop Candy):

You're a big basketball fan. Where do you play?
I play pick-up games at the YMCA. I was in a league for a couple years until I started getting worked over by the kids [laughs]. Actually, I went to the Clippers vs. Timberwolves game the other night with Mark Lanegan. We sat next to Donald Sterling, the owner of the Clippers who is this maligned guy in L.A. He's known as the worst owner in sports -- all sports [laughs]. We talked to him all night.

What about?
About what a rip off [point guard] Baron Davis is [laughs]. He's lazy! He signed this big contract but never came to play! We also talked about how special [21-year-old power forward] Blake Griffin(notes) and [22-year-old shooting guard] Eric Gordon(notes) are now, and are going to continue to be. The Clippers will probably get a good draft pick again this year and then they'll have an excellent, young core. We were brutally honest with him. I've been a frustrated Clippers fan for over a decade and I let him know all my problems. But I forgot to get his number and so he could get us floor seats!

It's nice to add Dulli to the chorus, because he can really write a chorus, and it's important that just about every dissenting voice (whether they want floor seats with the former singer from Screaming Trees) regarding Donald Sterling be heard.

Along with Matt Moore.

And Breene Murphy.

And anyone else that wants to write a post or column on the subject of this man, whom nobody much likes, that we will dutifully link to because we don't like Donald Sterling.

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