Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong apparently filed paperwork to run for president as a Republican

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Wake me up when 2024 ends, because Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong has seemingly filed to run as a Republican presidential candidate in the next election. In the filing, first reported by the Today in Tabs newsletter, Green Day is also designated as Armstrong's official principal campaign committee:

Don't call him an American idiot just yet, though; as a spokesperson for the FEC told Billboard back when Kanye West was flirting with a run, "just because you see a candidate's name on a filing doesn't mean that person filed the form ... we get lots of false and fictitious filings."

Now, it's also entirely possible that the 48-year-old frontman — who "wholeheartedly" backed Joe Biden in the 2020 election and once informed Trump supporters that "I have no problem telling ignorant f--ks like you to go to hell" — is pulling our legs. Either that, or he really found someone called Saint Jimmy of TheKrustyKrab to sign on as his vice presidential candidate. Check out the filing here.

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