Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy has a to-do list before he retires in July 2025

Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy speaks to the media before departing on the Packers Road Trip on Wednesday, July 13, 2022, at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis.

Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy outlined his next three years on Wednesday, sharing with local media what he’d like to accomplish in his role.

Along with several Packers alumni, Murphy was preparing to head out on the Packers Road Trip, a four-day event that will see the group zip across western and central Wisconsin to surprise fans at hospitals, businesses, camps, event venues and community centers. But first, Murphy looked further ahead as his time as Packers president wanes.

In Murphy's recent monthly question and answer column, “Murphy Take Five,” a fan asked if the requirement for Packers board members to retire at 70 years old applies to the president as well. Murphy answered, “They go to emeritus status when they turn 70. Since I am a member of the board, the policy applies to me and I will retire on July 13, 2025, when I turn 70.

“The organization's executive committee has started to make plans for the process and timeline to find my successor. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as the Packers president. I plan on making the last three years as successful as possible, with multiple Super Bowl championships!”

On Wednesday, Murphy laughingly shared that he did receive some flak from his wife for not letting her know he’d be giving the public fan base a date.

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“I didn't give my wife a heads up and she said, ‘What the hell's going on?’ She got a lot of calls from friends and I've heard (from people)," he said. "But I think most people know that, you know that as part of the bylaws for our board of directors when you turn 70 you have to go to emeritus status. So just stating a fact but now hopefully have a very productive three-year run here at the end.”

As for what he’d like to accomplish in these next three years, Murphy’s plan is three-fold.

“The obvious would be championship,” Murphy said. “(The) football facility I'd like to see that, should be finished up next, in about a year from now. And then further development of Titletown.”

The football facility upgrades are a product of the latest Packers stock sale. The project, under construction in front of the Lambeau Field Oneida Gate, is upgrading the players' parking, moving it underground, and work area. It also eventually will move coaches' offices out of the business suite and closer to the players.

The Titletown District, adjacent to Lambeau Field, is focused on non-gameday revenue, offering restaurants, recreation and living areas as well as hosting various businesses.

Even when Murphy does step down in July 2025, he feels confident in the work he’s started continuing with the Packers organization.

“We got a lot of good people here," he said. "We've grown as an organization, but I think we've maintained a very positive culture and I think we all view ourselves as stewards that, you know, we want to leave Lambeau Field and the Packer organization better than we found it and hopefully that's been the case.”

This article originally appeared on Packers News: Mark Murphy shares plan for his final three years as Packers president