Green Bay will host 2025 NFL Draft

Mike Florio and Chris Simms discuss how Green Bay will approach holding the 2025 NFL Draft.

Video Transcript

- We have a shorter term future event to discuss. We knew that the draft was going to be next year in Detroit. The following year, 2025, it's been awarded to Green Bay. The biggest event ever in Green Bay. They're expecting 250,000 people to be in Green Bay. Now, I may have to go to that one.

- What are they going to do? Are they going to do that at the stadium you think?

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- I may have to go.

- Yeah.

- Where else would you do it in Green Bay?

- I know, right? I don't know. That's why I was asking. I was like I don't know if there's another spot that could hold it, but yeah, that seems like this would be one that's at the stadium, right? Which could be certainly a different look. Will they do it in the stadium? I'm interested to see what Green Bay is going to throw out here for the draft.

- Well, and that's the thing. Every city now is in play for this because it happens in the spring. It's a rotation that can be much more robust than the Super Bowl, and everybody's going to want it. Charlotte's trying to get in line for 2026. I think every city wants it. And why wouldn't every city get it at some point? It's a big event, and it's just amazing how it just kind of accidentally happened a decade ago.


They moved this thing from town to town. It really is a show about nothing. It doesn't have to be anywhere. It can be everywhere, and it's going to draw out tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of fans. All right, now we can take a break. When we return, a rule change from yesterday that hopefully will avoid the debacle that we saw in the NFC Championship when the 49ers were fresh out of quarterbacks. We'll discuss that next here on this Tuesday edition of "PFT Live."