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Does Tiger Woods' victory at The Masters deserve to be called one of the greatest sporting comebacks of all time? - Getty Images North America
Does Tiger Woods' victory at The Masters deserve to be called one of the greatest sporting comebacks of all time? - Getty Images North America

Tiger Woods’ victory at The Masters this weekend has further cemented his status as one of golf’s greatest ever players. His 15th major title, coming 11 years after his last, was won after multiple back surgeries and personal problems that had threatened to put an untimely end to his career.

Woods’ win was lauded around the world, with many describing it as among the greatest comebacks in sporting history. But how did Telegraph readers react? Read on for the best comments on Tiger Woods’ triumph at The Masters. Remember to share your own views in the comments section below. 

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Can Tiger Woods be counted among golf's greatest players? 

@Colin Sewell

"I'll always remember when Nick Faldo beat Greg Norman in the most unbelievable circumstances. But, tonight, I will savour the incredible achievement of Tiger Woods. Just wonderful to have witnessed."

@paul anderson

"A privilege not only to see the greatest golfer ever to hold a golf club, but in my most humble of opinions, the greatest sportsman of the modern era.

"He may not be everyone's cup of tea, but what a story, to win another major tournament at his age, and after his health issues in the modern era, is to my mind, the greatest sports story ever."

@Stephen Jones

"With luck Woods and his rebirth will have an inspired impact on the current generation taking up the game -  golf courses are closing in big numbers. Great win for Tiger - and hopefully a great win for the sport."

Was Tiger Woods' performance worthy of The Masters title?  

@Larry Tate

''Second shot on 15 for me. Under that pressure to hit such a tiny target surrounded by water from 226 yards and with his main rival in trouble - this is hairy chest stuff. Victory cannot be given, it must be taken.''

@David Lawton

''It seemed to me he was completely focused on his game. None of the histrionics of old such as throwing his golf club down when he missed a putt or tee'd off badly. He deserved to win. Welcome back.''

Can Tiger Woods the golfer be separated from his personal life?

@Andrew Paul

"Irrespective of Wood’s personal life, to come back to the highest level of golf on one of the trickiest courses in the world and win when his body had all but given up shows an inner strength and determination many do not possess.

"Woods the golfer should be rightly and thoroughly congratulated on his victory at Augusta few thought achievable.

"Woods the individual off the course is a different conversation."

@Britannia Of Truth

"Isn't it strange, when a talented person has a personal meltdown, including breaking the law, and then comes back from it, they are lauded.

"People tend to admire more those who come back from the brink than someone like say Jack Nicklaus who was a model golfer, family man and as straight as an arrow."

@Jillian Ross

"Jack Nicklaus is an icon and hugely admired!

"Perhaps though, Jack Nicklaus didn't have the personal demons, the character flaws which Tiger Woods has to manage? Talent wise, they are of similar capabilities, but Tiger is complex and flawed. He is also a black man who was in a sea of white when he started, and to a great extent, still is. Jack Nicklaus is perhaps a better balanced person.

"Jack Nicklaus enjoyed the pinnacle of his career in a different age, before the internet, before 24 hour news. When celebrity was protected. Tiger has lived his life in a media storm.

"Perhaps Tiger is to be admired more because he has been to hell, and not just come back from it, but triumphed?"

@Colin Tweedle

"Well done Tiger Woods. But, you stained your reputation beyond repair.

"You are no Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player or, for that matter, Severiano Ballesteros. Those I mention after Tiger are and always will be peoples champions." 

"Sadly, Tiger Woods will never be seen in the same light as those other sporting icons."

Is this one of sports' greatest ever comebacks? 

@A Martin

"I still think Federer winning the Australian Open (against his nemesis) less than a year after having a knee operation was a more astonishing comeback.

"Woods has been in contention for a few majors in recent years (usually just let down by one poor round), so I don't think it's such a surprise.

"I am pleased for him - but for injuries, he'd have won well over 20 majors by now - and to win after so many operations is quite an achievement."

@Johnny BeGood

"An incredible performance and one nobody could begrudge him. To come back from where he was to the pinnacle of the game is truly remarkable, and the next major, the US open, is being played at one of his favourite courses, Pebble Beach. He’s going to take some beating."

@Michael Russell

"In November 2018 (after Tiger Woods' recovery from surgery), he played a friendly round with Rory McIlroy. Here's what Rory McIlroy noticed at that time:

"“It was incredible when he first drove the ball – I was like, ‘wow’, where did he get that speed from? I went there worrying about what sort of Tiger I’d see. And I honestly left thinking he could stun the world again.”

"And so he has."

@naveed zafar

"This was, for me, not fundamentally about Tiger’s golf, spellbinding though it was. It was about something far more fundamental; his courage. This was a man who had gone through eight surgeries, had lived for years in pain, and yet he overcame that.

"He was vilified in the press for human failings which we all have, and I refuse to believe that his colour had nothing to do with the vehemence of those attacks, and yet he overcame that.

"He lived 11 years without winning a major, had to listen constantly to those who said he would never win another, and yet he overcame that.

"His belief in his genius was strong enough to overcome the incredible trials, physical and mental, of the last eleven years, and that is why I, and that crowd at the 18th showed such emotion because we recognised a quality all too rare: his guts." 

@Jane Houston

"We’re talking golf here, what those that don’t play call a long walk. I don’t play myself but love watching the game. To see Tiger through sheer grit and determination prove to those who love their sport that it doesn’t have to be the end . Believe in your abilities, believe in not giving up and the rewards will follow, well done Tiger."

Does Tiger Woods deserve to be counted as one of golf's greatest players? Share your reaction to his 15th major title win in the comments section below. 

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