'Great news' or 'insanity'?

The dust has settled. The shock factor has worn off. The deal is done.

We grabbed your initial thoughts surrounding Derek Adams' imminent return to Ross County yesterday, but now that you've had time to digest the announcement, here's what you had to say...

Willie: A good move to take Derek Adams back. He was a great player for us and did us well as a manager both previous times. I've been a County fan since my father first took me to a game, aged five, in the mid 50s and have followed them ever since.

Alistair: I think Malky Mackay will feel rightfully aggrieved at being replaced by Adams. It is a big slap in the face to him, as well as the supporters. Adams has already tried returning to the club before and why does he think it will work this time when it didn’t previously?

Torquil: Great news. Derek was a first class manager in his previous two stints and knows the club from a player's perspective. He will breath new life into the club and ensure they stay in the top flight.

Gerrard: Einstein said insanity was doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Are you listening Roy MacGregor?

Sandy: I think it's a good appointment. Many County fans will be underwhelmed as they were probably looking for a marquee manager. However, Adams was successful at County , knows the club inside out and has gained valuable experience in English lower leagues so will know how to handle a County squad of similar quality to what he gas been working with.

Anon: Welcome back and good luck to him. Limited budget and not easy to attract players to the Highlands. However, a good squad of players, but they need to know how to attack as a team.