Great news! Andrew Bogut won't be 'Andrew Bogut' for a while

Andrew Bogut(notes) -- that's "Dr. Andrew Bogut" to you -- thinks that he "might not be 100% the whole year," as he recovers from a nasty right arm injury.

And that's just great. What with Andrew Bynum(notes) not returning until December, Kendrick Perkins(notes) not returning until much later, Greg Oden(notes) still walking on gilded splinters of his own cartilage, and Yao Ming(notes) as we once knew him not really returning until 2011-12.

Won't you tell me, where have all the big men gone?


"I'm just trying to be a little careful before the real season starts," he said. "I'd like to start practicing probably this week, but I think it'll probably be another . . . they said it would be about seven to 10 days from when it first happened.

"The elbow, finger, everything . . . I won't be 100%, so I'll have to play through the pain through the season. Even once it gets better, I'm still going to be 90% for the year or 85%.

"I don't have my mobility and flexibility like I should, but I just have to adjust to it."

Bogut was asked if that would make him apprehensive about getting hit when he does play.

"I hope not," he said.

Points for honesty, I suppose. He's not all full of bluster, and lying to us about how he won't think twice before lowering his right shoulder and barreling into the lane.

But 90 percent for the year? "Or 85 percent?"


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