Great moments in chest-bump history: Hedo and J.J. get up

According to the NBA Entertainment/Getty Images caption, in this picture, J.J. Redick(notes) and Hedo Turkoglu(notes) of the Orlando Magic "celebrate a win after playing against the New Jersey Nets on December 27, 2010 at Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey." But the joy, the elan, the sheer abandon with which they've entered into this mid-air pressing-together of chests — especially Hedo, who looks to be approaching full-on "Jennifer Grey at the end of 'Dirty Dancing'" ecstasy — seems to point to something more significant. Something bigger.

Possibly ... the birth of a contender?

I mean, it's clearly a powerful moment. The referee obviously doesn't want to look at it, but he can't completely avert his gaze, so great is the chest-bump's gravitational pull. Quentin Richardson(notes), though, is beelining for it in some kind of hypnotic trance that brings to mind Reggie Jackson in "The Naked Gun." Two '80s movies references in one post! Positively Simmonsian!

NOTE: I am making a joke about a picture I find funny, but seriously, if the Magic wind up winning 13 of their next 14 or something, I demand that this image be included at the beginning and end of every discussion of how Otis Smith is a genius and the Magic are a legitimate contender for the crown in the East. Sprinkle it in the middle once or twice, too. Then star-wipe, and we're out. Perfect vlog.

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