Grant Williams is focused on the present, rather than the past

Grant Williams faced his former team on Monday (Jan. 22.) The former Boston Celtics forward joined the Dallas Mavericks during the offseason but tasted defeat in his first game against his former teammates. Williams, 25, spent four seasons with the Celtics but struggled to see where he would fit in with the new-look roster and wanted a bigger payday than what the Celtics could offer.

When speaking to MassLive before facing the Celtics, Williams admitted that he tries not to focus on the past. He noted how he recently met up with Marcus Smart and still has a good relationship with his former teammates. However, he is waiting for the future to begin discussing how things might have turned out differently.

“We don’t necessarily bring up our past just because, fortunately enough, we were able to maintain those relationships for the future,” Williams said. “We can always, 30 years from now, when we’re sitting over there having whiskey or cigars or something like that, then we can talk about it, about the times where we could have been.”

Williams hasn’t had the easiest of starts with the Mavericks. He’s struggling to make an impact in his new role and has failed to find the consistency he showed on the perimeter during his tenure with the Celtics.

Still, the fifth-year forward will likely figure things out. His three-and-d skill set is incredibly valuable in the NBA, and the Mavericks will likely trust everything will come good.

Nevertheless, despite trying to focus on the future, it’s fair to assume that Williams will be motivated to try to secure a win over the Celtics the next time he lines up against them. Unfortunately for him, that next game will be in Boston, and the Celtics have only dropped one game in the TD Garden all season.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire