Graduates are using this ‘Good Old Days’ song to stroll down memory lane, and it’s getting TikTok kind of emotional

Thanks to a new TikTok trend, a forgotten Macklemore song from 2017 is getting another moment in the sun. Recent grads have been using the rapper’s song “Good Old Days,” featuring Ke$ha, as a backdrop to their sentimental graduation videos, which are now going viral.

Now, much like the graduate who caused quite a stir with her hidden pink graduation robe, these rising college students are adding a personal touch to their graduation day.

The clips all follow a similar template: A graduate walks in and out of frame from one side to the other while wearing their cap and gown. Each time they stroll by the camera, they pass the entrance of another school they once attended.

Meanwhile, Macklemore’s nostalgic anthem plays in the background, reminding the viewer of everything it took to get to where they are now.

At the same time, the song lyrics focus on how fleeting youth can sometimes be and how many of us don’t realize that we’re living in “the good old days” while they’re actually happening:

I wish that someone would have told me babe/That someday these would be the good old days/All the love you won’t forget/And all those reckless nights we won’t regret/‘Cause someday soon, your whole life’s gonna change/You’ll miss the magic of these good old days

Many of the videos feature recent undergrads who begin their journey by walking past their preschools or elementary schools before moving on to middle school, high school and college. Others show grad students who have earned their Master’s degrees.

In some, the students put on one piece of their graduation attire in each frame of the video, picking up their cap, gown and tassels along the way.

Many commenters have jumped in to congratulate each TikToker on their achievement, leaving clapping emojis and words of encouragement. Some have also admitted to getting teary-eyed while watching the clips, even though they’re complete strangers.

“OMGGGG!! why am i crying???” one user wrote. “Congrats loveee.”

“Idk why, but this trend as a whole just brings joy to me,” added someone else. “Watching other people succeed is always a wholesome moment!”

Some people said the videos reminded them of just how fast life really moves, while others got nostalgic for their own pasts, saying they wished they could go back in time and relive some of those forgotten moments.

It’s no secret that TikTok loves taking a look back on what used to be. Last year, another nostalgia trend took the app by storm when Gen Zers started reminiscing about shared childhood memories to the sped-up tune of ABBA’s “Angeleyes.” In that case, users would recall things like popular stores of the past that have since closed down, old TV shows that practically raised them and even famous people who have come and gone during their lifetime.

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