Graduate's NASCAR-style 'interview' might get him a job

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Thankin’ the boys back at the shop. (Via @ElijahWhosoever)
Thankin’ the boys back at the shop. (Via @ElijahWhosoever)

Hey, who says the young people aren’t into NASCAR? Check out this note-perfect rendition of a winner’s interview from Elijah Burke immediately after his graduation from the State University of New York at Brockport:

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That’s quality replication right there. He’s got the Coke bottle, he’s got the towel on his shoulder, he’s got the hat dance courtesy of a friend, he’s got the appropriate thanking of the relevant sponsors and family. Matter of fact, he’s got it all down so well that he attracted the attention of some eyes in NASCAR itself:

Four job offers for a recent grad? That’s pretty damn sweet. Social media isn’t all evil after all!

Burke’s hit brings to mind the classic bit from 2013 when then-Atlanta Brave Elliot Johnson did an entire postgame interview in the style of a NASCAR winner:

Friends, the first person to do a similar interview after another major life event — wedding, birth, what-have-you — gets publicity right here, we promise.
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