Grading the best Bradley Beal trade ideas before the 2020 NBA Draft

Mike DePrisco
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Grading the best Bradley Beal trade ideas ahead of the draft originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Bradley Beal is an All-Star caliber player coming off the best statistical season of his career and is currently on a team that's missed the playoffs the last two years. So naturally, a bunch of people are hatching trade ideas to get him on a championship contender. 

There has been no shortage of ideas, but are they worth considering? The Wizards have given no indication of wanting to shop Beal around the league and Beal himself has reiterated his wish to make things work in DC with John Wall. 

Even so, the trade suggestions keep coming in. So let's take stock of some of the recent packages talked about by reporters and determine whether they're worth the Wizards' attention. 

*These aren't reported trade talks, just ideas that have been floated by media members

Golden State Warriors

On the latest Hoop Collective podcast with ESPN's Brian Windhorst, Tim Bontemps and Kevin Pelton, the Warriors' potential trade package involving the No. 2 pick in the 2020 NBA Draft was discussed at length. 

"The trade there is pretty simple," Bontemps said. "Andrew Wiggins is involved from a salary standpoint. And then it would be the No. 2 pick in this year's draft, the (Minnesota) Timberwolves pick next year, and then I also included Minnesota's second-round pick next year -- which I anticipate to be a very good selection."

So the Wizards would be looking at:

Andrew Wiggins, No. 2 overall in 2020, 2021 MIN top-3 protected first-round pick, 2021 MIN second-round pick 

On the surface this doesn't look too bad, and it's something we've seen before. The Wizards would get a top-two pick, albeit in a relatively weak draft, and a first-rounder from Minnesota that should wind up in the top-10 next year. Then you get a presumably high second-round pick and a player in Wiggins you can throw out there to get a few buckets here and there while you rebuild. 

But that's just the thing. This is a rebuilding-type move, and the Wizards don't appear interested in hitting the reset button just yet. If the Wizards absolutely needed to trade Beal this trade would probably get an A-, but right now, it just doesn't make sense for their timeline. 


Philadelphia 76ers

Bontemps also brought up the idea that if the Wizards elected to move Beal, the best they'd be able to do involves a potential blockbuster with the Sixers.

Wizards get Ben Simmons / Sixers get Bradley Beal

It's rare you see a star-for-star swap these days, and Simmons would certainly help keep Washington on track if Beal were to go. There's a bit of a fit concern with Simmons and Wall considering they both thrive in transition and act as facilitators in the half-court, but you take that risk for a young star like Simmons.

Beal is the better fit for this team, and if he wants to be in Washington, the Wizards should keep him here. But if he were to want out and the Wizards were able to get Simmons in return, it'd be a home run move. 


Brooklyn Nets

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are looking for a third star, and Bradley Beal's name has come up several times in the past. ESPN's Jackie MacMullan floated the idea of a trade package centered around Spencer Dinwiddie as a way for Brooklyn to possibly secure Beal's services. 

"If you want to use [Dinwiddie] as a trade piece to go out and get an established veteran, maybe you could pry Bradley Beal from the Washington Wizards," MacMullan said. "We hear Bradley Beal's name mentioned all the time in trade talks and we know the Nets like him."

Obviously, a package with Dinwiddie as the headliner wouldn't be enough. If he is, give it an F. If Caris LeVert and Jarrett Allen are involved, you could probably bump it up to a B+ at least. Still, there's no reason for the Wizards to do a deal like that as long as Beal wants to play in DC. 

GRADE: B+ w/ LeVert and Allen, F without

Milwaukee Bucks

Another idea from the Hoop Collective involves the Bucks swinging big in an attempt to keep Giannis Antetokounmpo around long term. As Bontemps, Windhorst and Pelton pitched it, the Wizards' haul would include:

Donte Divincenzo, Eric Bledsoe, Ersan Ilyasova, 2 future first-round picks, 2 future first-round swaps

This would be similar to the Clippers' trade for Paul George or the Lakers' trade for Anthony Davis. The Wizards would be shorting the Bucks' future by acquiring picks far in the future and getting a promising young player (Divincenzo) and contracts set to come off the books shortly thereafter (Ilyasova, Bledsoe).

Like all the other trades, the Wizards don't have much of a need to pull the trigger on this now, but if they were in a position where Beal requested a trade and they wanted to leverage a small-market team's desire to win right away, the Bucks would be a decent partner. 


Denver Nuggets

If you're in a position where you need to deal your best player to the Nuggets, the first player you ask about is Michael Porter Jr. Though Windhorst noted the Nuggets have made Porter all but untouchable, a potential trade with Denver would have to include him. 

Wizards get: Michael Porter Jr., Monte Morris, Gary Harris

If the Nuggets don't offer Porter in this hypothetical scenario, then the Wizards would be wise to hang up the phone. 

GRADE: B+ with Porter, F without

Any Lakers trade idea was excluded from this piece because their best offer doesn't come close to any of these. Sorry Snoop.