GOP lawmakers' Twitter censored after calling Rachel Levine a man

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GOP lawmakers' Twitter censored after calling Rachel Levine a man

Republican Reps. Jim Banks and Marjorie Taylor Greene were censored by Twitter after they referred to U.S. Assistant Secretary for Health Dr. Rachel Levine as a man instead of a woman.

Banks and Greene saw their tweets flagged after they expressed disagreement to the Oct. 19 announcement that Levine would be appointed as the "first female" four-star admiral to serve in public health.


Greene, a representative from Georgia, quipped that China would be "laughing at" the United States over the fact that Levine, who had lived the first 50 years of her life as a biological male, was now being labeled as the first four-star "female" admiral. The tweet was labeled a violation of the social media site's "hateful conduct" policy but was allowed to remain in order for the public to view it.

Similarly, Banks, from Indiana, called it an insult to women to designate a biological man as the first female four-star admiral. Banks was also informed that his tweet had gone against Twitter's hateful conduct policy and that he would be barred from using his account until the tweet was deleted.


President Joe Biden announced his selection of Levine to be the next Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services. Though the majority of Republicans disapproved, Levine was approved by the Senate 52-48 in March to serve in this role, making history as the first transgender official to serve in a Cabinet position.

Prior to being appointed to a Cabinet position, Levine had served as the Secretary of Health for the state of Pennsylvania. Levine faced backlash and intense scrutiny after requiring health facilities and nursing homes in the state to take in patients who had tested positive for COVID-19, along with halting the inspections of nursing homes during the height of the pandemic.

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