Good Word with Goodwill - Is Ja Morant the NBA's best player right now?

Naismith Basketball Hall of Famer and NBA 75th Anniversary team member George Gervin spoke with Yahoo Sports senior NBA writer Vincent Goodwill about the Memphis Grizzlies star's breakout run and the role of leading a small-market team.

Video Transcript


VINCENT GOODWILL: Welcome to Yahoo Sports. I'm Vincent Goodwill, here alongside Naismith Basketball Hall of Famer, NBA, and ABA legend, Ice.


VINCENT GOODWILL: The Ice. George Gervin. Ice, how are you doing today?

GEORGE GERVIN: Doing good, man. It's good to see you, buddy.

VINCENT GOODWILL: I'm curious of your thoughts, with the way that you play, with the way that you could shoot and attack the basket. Is there any player today that's, like, you know, he's got a little Ice in him?

GEORGE GERVIN: I mean, if you think about it, people do kind of correlate me and Kevin together, I think mostly for size and scoring ability.


GEORGE GERVIN: You know, Kevin more of a mid-range jumper to a three-point shooter. You know, I was a more mid-range and go to the hole. The guy that I see go to the hole, is smaller than me and just as effective is Kyrie Irving, you know? Ja Morant.


GEORGE GERVIN: You know, them guys go to the hole, left, right hand spin. And then I like the big boy, the Greek Freak. He go to the hole. He could really be the best in the league.

VINCENT GOODWILL: I was gonna say, who do you think the best player in the league is right now?

GEORGE GERVIN: Well, man, that's-- oh, right now, man, it's, you know-- Seth was running for a while with it. So who running the best? Man, it's Ja Morant.


GEORGE GERVIN: I mean, he on a roll, man. I mean, and, you know, the guy that has always been most dominant is probably still LeBron.

VINCENT GOODWILL: Right. Absolutely. You mentioned Ja Morant. Ja's playing in Memphis, a smaller market. When you came over, you played in San Antonio, you know, a smaller market. What's that like? You know, being a big star. You're trying to put your city, your franchise on the map.

Did you feel that responsibility, the same thing that maybe Ja Morant is feeling right now to try to put Memphis in a place where people think about him and the Grizzlies in the same way that they think about, you know, Brooklyn and Golden State, where you're really trying to establish yourself?

GEORGE GERVIN: I mean, it's tough. That's why you got to have that confidence in yourself, you know, and what you doing. You putting up numbers and you winning. And people want to see that, you know? So it don't really matter the market. You know, you may not get as much press, but the press that you do get gives you a lot of credit because you going against big markets.


GEORGE GERVIN: But, yet, look who I'm talking about. I'm talking about Ja.

VINCENT GOODWILL: Yeah, you are.

GEORGE GERVIN: You know what I'm saying? I mean, so-- if you can play and you're entertaining, you know, and you're winning, people are gonna talk about you.