Good news, sports fans: NFL Game Pass and NBA League Pass are currently free

The cries of sports fans around the country have been heard.

Both the NFL and the NBA announced on Wednesday that their digital viewing platforms will be free for at least the next month. The NBA’s League Pass will be free until April 22, and the NFL’s Game Pass will be free until May 31. Usually League Pass costs $129.99 a year, and Game Pass comes in at $99.99 a season.

That sound you hear right now is millions of sports-starved fans cheering and celebrating, then immediately running to their phones and computers to sign up.

Game Pass has everything you need to relive the recent glory days of your favorite team. You can watch every preseason, regular season, playoff, and Super Bowl game from 2009 to 2019. You can also watch NFL original programming like “Hard Knocks,” and relive 2019’s truly bizarre Antonio Brown foot freezing incident. There are also 45-minute condensed games and breakdowns of game-winning plays from actual NFL players.

With League Pass, you can watch every game from the not-yet-complete 2019-2020 season and relive Zion Williamson’s magical debut and some of LeBron James’ most age-defying dunks. The NBA is also offering an “expansive archive of classic games and content.”

Both Game Pass and League Pass are available on pretty much every device you can think of, like phones, tablets, game systems, and streaming boxes. According to the NBA’s press release, you can activate your free League Pass subscription by logging into your account on the NBA website. You can sign up for Game Pass right on the NFL Game Pass site, where the subscription cost has already been changed to $0.00.

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