Good news, everyone: You can now eat James Harden's beard

Ben Rohrbach

 If you've ever looked at Houston Rockets star James Harden's prolific beard and wondered to yourself, "Gee, I wish I could eat that," you're in luck! You can now eat Harden's beard in all its glory as a gummy.

And if you figured Harden's beard would taste extremely sour, you'd be right, too.

Trolli Candy, whose website is simply and which Harden endorsed in February, recently released "Sour Brite Weird Beards: James Harden Edition." They are weirdly awesome together.

The early reviews for Trolli Candy are a mixed big of "smack," which I think is good, and "sour AF," which I'm pretty sure is bad. Either way, Harden's beard is oddly alluring to eat, which is Trolli's goal all along.

"We want people to say WTF with our campaigns," Jill Manchester, the head of brand strategy for Trolli's parent company Ferrara Candy, told Forbes in February. "We are about celebrating the uniqueness in all of us. We are a little offbeat. We are fun. James embodies the energy and essence of Trolli."

Of course, with one coach fired and another withdrawing his name from consideration, the door is open for jokes about how Harden and the Houston Rockets have left a sour taste in everyone's mouth. 

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Ben Rohrbach

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