Good Morning, Illini Nation: Not lacking in motivation

Apr. 3—There were plenty of tears Saturday night in Boston. Both on the Illinois bench and in the locker room after the Elite Eight loss to Connecticut. Some stunned looks on faces, too, after the Huskies put together one of the more incredible runs in NCAA tournament history.

That 30-0 thumping between the end of the first half and a good chunk of the second? Hard to forget.

Brad Underwood talks about the "abruptness of the end" a lot. Illinois freshman Amani Hansberry experienced that for the first time this past weekend. Something else he won't forget.

"It's especially huge for the younger guys," Hansberry said. "They know what losing feels like — especially when you go this deep. You get this close to your goal and have it ripped away right out of your hands. That s--- hurts. It hurts. It's really for next year and years to come remembering this feeling and just doing whatever it takes to not feel this way again."