Good Morning, Illini Nation: Marcus Domask a hit in Fisher

Apr. 4—Marcus Domask created something of a social media firestorm following his visit to Fisher Grade School and Fisher Jr./Sr. High School on Tuesday. Mostly in the form of invitations to visit other schools — near and far. Like one from Mahomet-Seymour Junior High assistant principal/athletic director Doug Fisher to come "shoot hoops at recess."

Ty Rodgers' response to the above tweet? "Find a way." So Domask followed up with requests for where he and his Illinois teammate should go next.

The replies were certainly varied with invitations pouring in from Monticello and Tuscola and Ogden locally to the Chicago suburbs to western Wisconsin to Bozeman, Mont., to a school on an Army base in South Korea.

But the pair of Fisher schools got Domask first.

"The excitement in both buildings was tremendous!" Fisher athletic director Brian Bajer told me. "Having Marcus in the classrooms and hallways sparked a ton of enthusiasm with students. He was able to visit with many third-sixth grade classrooms at the grade school before heading over the Jr./Sr. High. Many of the reactions for students at the grade school could be described as awe struck, with jaws seemingly touching the floor. At the Jr./Sr. High, it didn't take long for a huge line of students to quickly form for pictures and questions. It was evident that Marcus is definitely someone they look up to and that his presence truly made their day special."

The questions for Domask from the Fisher students ran the full gamut. Per Bajer, they included:

* "How do you feel after dropping that triple-double?"

* "Which team trash talked the most?"

* "What was it like playing with Terrance Shannon?"

* "How tall are you?"

* "How tall were you when you were in grade school?"

* "Which team was the toughest he has ever played?"

* "Who is your favorite teammate to play with?"

"Marcus taking time to come visit our schools in Fisher meant a great deal to us," Bajer added. "It brought a great amount of pride to our school and community. His presence brought excitement and inspiration to our students but also served as a powerful example of hard work and dedication, while reinforcing the importance of education, sportsmanship, and community engagement. Having one of the #EveryDayGuys in the building certainly made the school day one to remember for staff and students alike."