How good are the Boston Celtics this season exactly?

The Boston Celtics just absolutely blew the barn doors off the Indiana Pacers just two days after a similar if less dramatic annihilation of the Washington Wizards. So, how good are these Celtics this season exactly?

How have they performed relative to our collective preseason expectations, and what will be their biggest challenges in pursuit of a championship in the 2024 NBA Playoffs? Plus, is it too early for us to declare that All-NBA Celtics forward Jayson Tatum has taken a legitimate leap as a player this season? There have been some promising early returns that have already begun to answer some of these questions, while others are likely going to need more time for even a rudimentary answer to come into focus.

That didn’t stop the folks from the CLNS Media “First to the Floor” podcast from doing their best anyway, with the help of guest Eric Weiss of Sports Aptitude and Luceo Sports joining them to that end.

Check it out in the clip embedded above!

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire