‘He’s gonna be a problem for a long time’: Draymond Green compliments Chet Holmgren

During the Oklahoma City Thunder’s controversial 141-139 loss to the Golden State Warriors, Chet Holmgren and Draymond Green quickly grew to know each other.

Both players battled it out in a high-intensity environment as the game served as an in-season tournament game. Without Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, the Thunder had their best offensive outing with 139 points on 60% shooting in regulation.

Holmgren had 24 points on 7-of-9 shooting, eight rebounds and five assists.

As the game progressed, blood began to boil between both teams. During the game, Chris Paul called for a mid-game huddle with his teammates before Holmgren hovered over the circle and broke up the impromptu meeting.

Later in the game, Holmgren ate a Green elbow to the face that caused an officials review to see if it was a hostile act and warranted a flagrant foul. The verdict was no, but it was evident Friday’s game meant more than the usual November regular-season game.

Green also played a key role in the final play of the game. After he was initially called for offensive goaltending, the referees overturned the call following a lengthy review to give Steph Curry the game-winning basket.

Following the game, Green complimented Holmgren, a high compliment to receive despite OKC fans’ disdain towards the four-time champion.

“Chet’s a problem. He can play. He can dribble the ball, he can shoot the ball, has great length, great shot blocker. He’s only gonna get better,” Green said. “For a young guy like that to have the feel that he has, you don’t see many mistakes out of him and I thought that was big. Also, him having last year and being out but yet being able to be around it, it shows. He’s not making the typical mistakes that a rookie would make. The sky’s the limit for Chet.

“We’ve watched him for years leading up to him coming to the NBA and always like, ‘Yo this kid has a chance.’ Now we saw it tonight and he’s gonna be a problem for a long time in this league.”

Story originally appeared on Thunder Wire