Golfers play through after ‘slithery surprise’ emerges from cup

A foursome at a Sydney golf course on Thursday encountered an unusual hazard in the form of a red-bellied black snake tucked inside the second hole.

As the golfers began to size up their putts, the venomous reptile emerged from the cup and slithered across the green. But the snake did not leave, prompting a slight rules change for the foursome and following groups.

The Coast Golf Club explained via Instagram:

“Everyone needs a break from the heat, even the wildlife. This little fella was found by our Ladies taking refuge in the hole on the 2nd green today.

“The 4ft red belly black hung around and watched a few groups come through before moving on. All golfers were happy to take the two putts offered to them and move on.”


9 News Sydney tweeted the video with the description: “These golfers were aiming for a hole-in-one, but got a slithery surprise instead.”

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Red-bellied black snakes are indigenous to Australia and sightings are not uncommon.

According to the Australian Museum, the snakes “will generally only deliver a serious bite under severe molestation.”

Bites to humans can cause serious illness and symptoms include nausea, vomiting, headaches, abdominal pain and other stomach issues. Some  victims require hospitalization, but fatalities are extremely rare.

Story originally appeared on For The Win