• Yahoo Finance Video

    May's inflation data: Yahoo Finance Reports

    Yahoo Finance breaks down the May CPI (Consumer Price Index) report, bringing on top economic experts to analyze the latest inflation data. Join Yahoo Finance's Dani Romero, Brooke DiPalma, and Pras Subramanian as they discuss the latest CPI print and inflation trends in leading consumer sectors. Interactive Brokers Senior Economist José Torres provides insights into shelter costs and how the market and the Federal Reserve are interpreting fresh inflation data. Yahoo Finance Columnist Kerry Hannon explores the impact of inflation on retirement and peoples' ability to contribute to their savings. Finally, Harvard University Professor of Economics Stefanie Stantcheva joins Brad Smith to speak on inflation's effect on everyday Americans, particularly their wages. For more expert insight and the latest market action, click here. This post was written by Colin Webb.

  • The Telegraph

    Ukrainian drones attack airbase used by Russian bombers

    A Ukrainian mass drone attack has damaged an airfield being used by Russian fighter-bombers after overwhelming its defences, an analysis of satellite imagery shows.

  • The Telegraph

    Antibiotics created from extinct species could fight infections

    Molecules from the bodies of extinct species including the woolly mammoth and giant sloth have been resurrected and found to fight infections.