Louisiana Republicans classify abortion pills as dangerous substances

    Louisiana Republicans extended the religious effort to control women's reproductive health by classifying mifepristone and misoprostol, the drugs used in medication abortions, as dangerous substances. Amanda Zurawski, who is suing the state of Texas after she nearly died because she was denied a medically necessary abortion, talks with Alex Wagner about the ongoing threat to women's reproductive health rights in red states.


    Quiet part out loud: Trump sells the presidency to Big Oil

    At a big money fundraiser in Houston, Donald Trump promised more drilling and reduced regulations to oil company executives in exchange for donations to his campaign. Faiz Shakir, founder and executive director of More Perfect Union, talks with Alex Wagner about Trump's willingness to sell the presidency and the contrast with Joe Biden who is trying to reduce prices for consumers by waging war on corporate junk fees.

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    Rangers happy to see Barclay Goodrow have his moment after OT winner in Game 2

    The Rangers needed the win on Friday night and were happy that Barclay Goodrow was the one to get it done.