• Associated Press

    UN chief decries antisemitism, urges stand against hatred

    Secretary-General Antonio Guterres decried the resurgence of antisemitism in comments Tuesday night at a service commemorating victims of the Nazi Holocaust, and he urged people around the world to “stand firm against hate and bigotry anywhere and everywhere.” The U.N. chief said he was alarmed to learn recently that barely half of adults worldwide have heard of the Holocaust, which saw the murder of 6 million Jews, comprising one-third of the Jewish people, and millions of others during World War II. He said the lack of knowledge among the younger generations “is worse still.” “Our response to ignorance must be education,” Guterres said.

  • Reuters

    Investors seek refuge in China as Fed, inflation roil other markets

    Foreign investors are piling into China at the start of 2022, seeing it as a haven from the inflation, growth and pandemic problems plaguing most other markets. Despite seeing returns last year eroded by Beijing's regulatory and policy purge, global fund managers are pumping money into mainland equities and bonds, betting China's stability pledges, monetary and fiscal easing and subdued inflation could shield them against volatility in other markets. Major central banks are preparing to withdraw the excess stimulus measures of the past couple of years, and the Federal Reserve is hastening monetary tightening to tame runaway inflation, potentially undermining stock values and earnings.

  • The Bergen Record

    Cresskill approves $21.6 million referendum measure to repair schools damaged by Ida

    Unofficial results show 1,504 voted yes in the referendum and 196 voted no, Cresskill Superintendent Michael Burke said. Franklin Lakes approved $20M.